A Word of Thanks to the Temple of Schlock

One great thing deserves another. Read this great article about some of the Temple of Schlock’s Solved Mystery Movies and you will know why this word of thanks is offered. Also, check out the site (in the Blog Roll) for more film fun. Chris Poggiali and Paul DeCirce have done a lot of great work through the years, dating back to when I just started renting videos (and maybe before!).


The headlining film is the one in discussion where the Scene is mentioned. The ad here is from 9/24/79, playing at the fox back in it’s Martial Arts Triple Play days.

Image (53)

Image (50)

Also, here’s the Detroit ad for Lucio Fulci’s One On Top of the Other, originally known as Perversion Story and in this ad from 1980 as Hot to Trot, one of their other Mystery Movies with it’s solution suggested by an anonymous commenter for their article. The DIs had the Triple bill featuring this with Flesh Gordon (one of the many go-to Bs since it’s release) and MPMs Eager Beavers once known as Swinging Barmaids. Obviously, if GGP was still handling the film, they wanted to give the quite cool 1967 lensed/1969 European Released/1971 US Released film one more run for the money after a while of doing well with some Pippi Longstocking films that were possibly booked with the 4-Wall method after a couple of years with general Exploitation…although I’m still checking up on the case after seeing this…

Image (54)

The picture you see was also used in the ad for the Ernst Hofbauer film Intimate Playmates, the film I think I guessed for that article. It was one of the many imported swinging and Playmate-filled films carried by Hemisphere. This was the ad from 1/28/77, playing at the usual suspects for this kind of film in the Winter time in the Metro Detroit area, including the Northgate when it had a screen or two for Exploitation. I hope that I’m guessing right that MPM, a buyer of many films through some Distributor Closings at that time before moving into original fare with Final Exam in 1981, bought the distribution rights to One on Top… after GGP’s closing and just slapped on a picture used for a Hemisphere film (who they got a couple of films from). Looking into it!

Once again, many thanks to the Temple of Schlock!


~ by screen13 on June 13, 2014.

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