More Gayety Movie Highlights – 1968 and 1969


The start of 1968 and 69 were the years that the world of Adult Films were really moving away from the B&W world, although there were still several companies that still kept at it. The Blade kept the Gayety’s ads in small squares usually at the bottom of the page, but there were a lot of films that Exploitation movie fanatics will know today. This list also includes the names of the main Distributors, and it’s interesting to see blocks of films through this list.

1968 included these highlights –
3/6 Free Love Confidential
Distributed through Box Office International

(A bit of a news note – The Town Hall, owned by Rose la Rose, was about to close around this time. She will later open up the Esquire under her new management later in the year)

4/4 – Mondo Keyhole
One of the many films Jack Hill worked on, this one with John Lamb
Distributor: Art Films International

4/11 – Julie is NO Angel
Dist: Goldstone, NYC, Director: Larry Crane, Starring Sherry/Sharon Kent and Janet Banzet

4/30 – Suburban Girls Club
A Mitam release starring Capri. Mitam would try to get into the world of Mainstream film in the 70’s with The Thirsty Dead.

5/4 – Beware the Black Widow
Dist: Goldstone Director: Larry Crane, Starring Sherry/Sharon Kent

5/15 – Teach Me
Leo-Tod Pictures, originally called Teach Me How to Do It, starring Janet Banzet
Leo-Tod were also the Distributors of Joe Sarno’s The Sex Cycle!


5/23 – Mondo Wow!

6/7 – Hip Hot and 21 (as Hip and 21)
A Trans-Continental/Dale Berry film that was released on video by Something Weird

6/14 – Turn Me On
Distributor: Grads

6/21 = Hot Thrills and Warm Chills
Trans-Continental/Dale Berry again

6/28 – Psychedelic Sex Kicks/Wild Wild Hippie/Campus Nights – plus 2

7/5 – Surfside Shame
Possibly Surfside Sex, which was aka Surside Love. Directed by William K Henninger, Distributed through Howard Farber Films

7/11 – An Angel of Love


7/26 – Loves of a Psychiatrist/Beauty and the Cave/Sexytary
A Mitam flick, an early nudie, and possibly a short


8/2 – Cargo of Love
Abrams and Parisi D: Anton Holden, Starring Sheba Britt


8/16 – Odd Taste
A Don Davis film released by Crest, not to be confused with Her Odd Tastes with Marsha Jordan.

8/22 – The Devil in Velvet/The Game People Play
1) A Lou Campa film Distributed through Boxoffice International
2) SEX is the Game People Play – Distributed through Chancellor


8/30 – Housewives and Bartenders


9/17 – Help Wanted Female/de Sade’s Justine
1) A film presented through Clover films, released on Video through Something Weird, Directed by John Hayes

2) Possibly Justine, the Erotic Excess of Evil, Sandie Johnson’s film from 1967.

9/16 – The Lustful Turk
From FSP, the precursor to EVI – the world of David F. Friedman.

9/30 – Fanny Hill Meets Lady Chatterley
Barry Mahon cranks out another flick!

10/4 Campus Confidential

10/11 – Skin Deep in Love
Distribpix/Howard Farber

10/25 – Angelique

11/1 – Brand of shame
David F. Friedman returns to the Gayety screen with the film that killed Olympic International’s Hot Spur at the Adult Box Office.


11/12 – The Head Mistress
Friedman again…he was the Mighty Monarch of the Exploitation World, after all!!!

11/28 – Acapulco Uncensored
Crest Films again

11/21 – Room and Board

12/5 – The Walls Have Eyes
Starring Steve “Blood Freak” Hawkes!
filmed in Florida, Distributed through Distribpix

12/20 – Down and Dirty
Astro-Jemco, with Mickey Jines, Cathy Crowfoot, Capri

12/26 – Sock It To Me Baby/Sugar Daddy
Lou Campa flicksTOLEDO122068

Onto 1969…

1/4 – Mail Order Confidential

1/11 – Fanny Hill Meets Dr. Erotico
Barry Mahon does it again – a 1967 flick that was released by Chancellor, the infamous NYC company that released a number of Nudies and Nudie/Roughie flicks through the 60’s.


If you have not seen this, do so quick – it’s as funny and stupid as it can get with the sexy woman factor keeping your eyes on the screen despite the men with back hair. Merci Mee!!!


1/24 – A Search for Anybody/A Sweet Sickness

1/31 – A Sweet Sickness

2/7 = Blond on a Bum Trip
Ed Adlum’s film that was discussed in an article for Ultra Violent. Distributed through Distribpix

2/14 – Prowl Girls
Another Barry Mahon flick, one of his later 60’s B&W films, made on the cheap, and kind of all the better for it.

Then it was to back to the Burlesque (unless I come across more titles). The theater would continue in business until the Mid 70’s, but it’s glory days would be gone. This left behind a long line of cool flicks that would later find fans would would want Something Weird in their collection…
Actually, on 2/14, Something Weird played with the Gruesome Twosome at the Franklin Park DI!

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