The Gayety, Toledo, OH 1967 Highlights (Something Weird Video Fans Take Note!)


The Gayety in Toledo was reportedly one of the many theaters owned by Leroy Griffith, based in Miami, FLA, but was strong in the Burlesque scene across the US. Located in the downtown Toledo district, the place was a Burlesque business that occasionally played films. Sadly, the nature of a lot of it’s advertising that wound up mentioning “Plus 2 More Adult Features” makes it difficult for people like me to actually know, although it was possible that it was to save some grace with the newspapers, like a lot of the re-titles that are amusing to read (like this post’s headlining clip, which was actually Justine, the Erotic Excitement of Evil).

While the so-called “Summer of Love” was going on, the Adult film industry was stepping up to the task of trying to upgrade it’s presentation – at least to the point of throwing some light BDSM thanks to the slight popularity of the Roughies in that section of the film business and having the right mini-skirted women who look good doing it or maybe throwing in some then-daring subjects or even a little more skin. As most of the films were in glorious black and white, a lot of the technicolor candy puke that splattered brilliantly on other screens were not quite there yet (that meant that the Producer had to spend more money…nope!), but in the retrospect, many of these films captured a grit and back street flavor that was captivating and cool.

Honey was released in 1966, but as you can tell these movies did not have any kind of red carpet premiere or news reports (unless of course if it was the law going after these films for one reason or another), so like a Hardcore Punk band, it had to tour from place to place, picking up sub-distributors along the way and finding the luck to get played at the then-few Adult cinemas of the day. Sometimes they return after a while – in this case Honey played the Gayety 11/8/67.

Sadly, there’s no papers for the first three months of the year on my research (so far), but starting with April with a touch of Joe Sarno class…

Note – not every week is represented, and obviously not every film was mentioned. The lists for these programs will seriously be remain incomplete, but I will try to get more information. Also take note that there were some weeks that only featured Burlesque.

4/4 – The Love Merchant plus two other hits

4/7 = The Girl With the hungry Eyes/second big hit
The William Rotsler flick, distributed through Boxoffice International

4/11 = Way Out Topless /Defiant Daughters

4/18 – The Touch of Her Flesh (announced as Touch of Her Hand)


5/5 – Pain and Pleasure

5/12 – The Silken Touch of Deceit/Too Young

5/19 – Death of a Nymphette
A Chancellor release

5/26 – Justine the Erotic Excitement of Evil
A Sandie Johnson film Distributed through Chancellor, I think owned by Chelle Wilson of the Avon Dynasty, NYC.

6/3 – Run Swinger Run
One of the many films Barry Mahon ground out in the Mid-Late 60’s, actually the Roughies were his best (NOT the best, but for Mahon, they were his at least)!

6.10 – She Gave Too Much plus second big hit

6/16 – Slaves of China Town/Pagan Island, a program that was held over
One classic, plus a 1961 Barry Mahon film…well at least the ladies are topless!

6/29 – Anguish/The Sun, the Place, and the Girls (aka Nudes of All Nations)
The Sun… was released through American Film Distribution, and the trailer is found on 42’nd Street Forever – Blu Ray Edition on Synapse. (Don’t have that disc? What are you waiting for?!!!)

7/6 – The Peddlers

7/7 – 36 Hours of Terror (House of Shame – Olgas?)

7/17 = Red Roses of Passion
Another Joe Sarno work of class!

7/24 = Slaves of the Syndicate (The Sin Syndicate?)

10/30 – The Old Man’s Bride
A Southern Regional Nudie Distributed through Gunter Productions

11/17 – The Playpen Girls

11/30 – The Bed and How to Make It
Another Joe Sarno classic – they seriously stood out as serious movies by comparison to the rest of these programs!


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