How to Make a Monster at the Palace in Toledo – 1958 highlights



Time to take a trip to Toledo in 1958! One of the places that sparked my interest besides the Gayety, Esquire, Westwood, and the Colony was the Palace, which possibly ran the most Rock and Roll films and JD Exploitation of all of the Indoor theaters in the area. Of course, it played mainstream fare as well, but the more interesting parts of it’s history with this blog center around wild exploitation. Sometimes, it brought in the DGs, Rock and Rollers, and Rough Toughs with some of the shows they were playing, and it would very occasionally veer into Adult territory.

Located in the southern part of the Downtown district, it was the place where A Hard Day’s Night opened in the area, but I’m sure that some of you would rather know about when I Led Two Lives played the theater. It was decisions like that which made the programming of this theater of major interest to this blog.

Here’s some highlights from 1958…

3/14 – Teenage Bad Girl/Teenage Wolf Pack

3/28 – Young and Dangerous/Rockabilly Baby

4/18 – White Slavery/I Led Two Lives (aka Glen or Glenda)


4/25 – Johnny Gunman/So Lovely So Deadly

6/20 – Stakeout on Dope Street/Violent Road

7/18 – Dangerous Youth/Manhunt Jungle


8/29 – How to Make a Monster/Teenage Caveman

10/3 – Girl With an Itch/Back to Nature/Flaming Teenage (a popular triple, this would play for four weeks!)




10/31 – The Spider/Brain Eaters

11/7 – Night of the Blood Beast/She Gods of Shark Reef

11/14 – Hell on Devil’s Island/Lure in the Swamp

12/6 – Life Begins/Secrets of Married Love


12/26 – It Came From Outer Space/Creature from the Black Lagoon


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