Kung Fu and Horror at the Six Mile – Oct. to Dec. 1979

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Once known as the Six Mile Uptown, then just Six Mile circa 1959, this was one of the many theaters that faced troubled times at the end of the 70’s. Through most of the Boogie Nights era, the Six Mile existed as an Adult theater which never reported in the Detroit News for the obvious reason that it was not doing listings for those theaters (The Free Press was, more on that later), and I’m sure that at the time of the Chic and “Free Love” era it was doing nice business if not seriously mega. In a slight bit of irony – The Cabaret, once known as the hip go-to place to check out a great line up of Rock and Hippie flicks was also going through some image changes that led to what happened in The Eighties that led to it’s continued existence.

In the very late period of 1979, the Six Mile was trying to break out of the Porn world, but it was too little too late, and the fact that it hardly advertised in this era possibly contributed to it’s hard fall – the side effects of going too cheap to be noticed in the era of Showcases and other Multi-plexers. Still, a very close look at the playlist uncovered an attempt to be an Urban theater without much success. When the Fox was at it’s Martial Arts height, the struggling Six Mile tried to get some action as well.

Selected highlights

10/19 – Circle of Iron was playing with Alien
10/26 – Game of Death was playing with Midnight Express
11/2 – not Martial Arts, but still cool, When a Stranger Calls/Invasion of the Body Snatchers
11/23 – The Eyes of Laura Mars/Halloween
11/30 – Halloween/Neat Cleaver Massacre
12/7 – THE THREE HOUSES OF DEATH, the trio of Last House on the Left/Don’t Look in the Basement/The House That Vanished
12/14 – Young Dragon/Dragons Die Hard/The Real Bruce Lee
12/21 – Bruce Lee and I/Shanghai Killer/Bruce Lee The Man, the Myth
12/28 – Fists of Bruce Lee/Karado the Hong Kong Cat/Soul Brothers of Kung Fu

…and that was all…until in late 1980, it resurfaced as The Eighties. Pretty much like The Village People claiming that it was Ready for the Eighties, it was not. Possibly, it’s previous reputation as an Adult theater killed off the chances of it even gaining anything (and once again, restricting it’s advertising to the movie listing was also a hold back possibly due to monetary considerations). The Screen-Noticed date was 11/28 with a play of “Andy Warhol’s Frankenstein” which we call now Flesh for Frankenstein. After that the theater went nowhere.

Reportedly, the theater was raised later in The 80’s. Not to be confused with the Wood-Six Porno theater, which lingered on in through The 90’s.


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