NMD Presents Perverted Trio That’s Your Ticket to Hell (but You Don’t Care!) – Detroit Area 10/29/76

NMD Presents Perverted Trio That's Your Ticket to Hell (but You Don't Care!) - Detroit Area 10/29/76

Aaaaaaah, The 70’s!!! A decade that may have had some of the worst music to ever top the charts, but also some of the most sleaziest films to play outside! A lot of those films are seriously in the category of flicks that will send you straight to hell in today’s time and place considering the subject matter even if you know damn well that the ladies on display are clearly of age.

NMD was the company of one Nick Demetroules who used to work for Jerry Gross’ early years but decided to get into the game himself. In a way, you could see the reasons – owning your own show instead of working with a visionary Exploitation Salesman who might have been a headache to work with after all those years and also just keeping to the Burger, Fries, Drink of the still ready to program sleaze-a-ramas that played the Drive Ins and second division theaters through The 70’s before something called Star Wars killed the fun and games – no dismissal of that epic flick, but you knew that it was the one after Jaws to start a bigger budgeted and more family-ready game in American Cinema.

The history of NMD reads like a small fraction of 70’s Sleaze Cinema:
Invasion of the Blood Farmers – Ed “Blond on a Bum Trip” Adlum’s failed low budget Horror

The Co Ed Murders – The 1979 Pick-Up Re-Issue of Massimo Dallamano’s Cult Classic if Italian Sin-ema better known as What Have They Done To Your Daughters when released by Peppercorn-Wormser back in ’77.

The New Adventures of Snow White – The 1979 Re-issue of Cinemation’s Grimm’s Fairy Tales for Adults.

Plus, not even wrapping it up but topping almost everything it released, these three Drive In favorites all in one show that’s possibly the best of the lot!

The first to be released in this trio was Anton Holden’s (remember him from Aroused?) infamous Teenage Tramp, which got rated circa 5/72 as an R and starred Robin Lane who went from Dark Shadows to this and Incoming Freshmen. Teenage Hitchhikers was reportedly released in the Summer of 1975, Directed by Gerri Sedley. Naughty School Girls was released by NMD in 1976 after a small run as The Blazer Girls through Levitt-Pickman in 1975 and brought to the Drive Ins later in the year.

TOLEDO NOTE: Starting with this, I will plan to fuse together a Detroit-Toledo connection that shows how these films traveled between the two cities. In this case: A little earlier before this Metro Detroit Drive In appearance on 10/15/76, the Toledo area had only Naughty Schoolgirls and Teenage Tramp at the Miracle Mile and Maumee Drive Ins.


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