B-Horror Classic Beyond the Door – How It Played the Toledo Area, 1975


A new feature is about to be tested at the Scene – How It Played. My Test Area of Toledo is somewhere I like to use for the answer is usually short and sweet enough for practice. Following up on Manson and Blood Feast, here’s Beyond the Door, a film that has been always been seen as a rip of The Exorcist, but in my eyes it’s more of a Rosemary’s Baby wanna be than anything else.

On 8/15/75, thinking that the Wed. of that week had to be 8/13 (this was back when “Start” days were in the middle of the week if I’m correct…I research Fridays due to the Midnight Movies on weekends) the Juliet Mills starring shocker first appeared in Toledo at the Colony, always the best place for a Horror film to be played in the Glass City once the major screens passed it up. In a way, it was seen as the dumping ground for the film the Indoor Franklin Park cinema passed onto that place near the Secor/Central corner – it also played the iconic Halloween on it’s first run in the area!

The film was Distributed in The States through the Atlanta-based Film Ventures Inc., who were about to move to LA soon after this and the success of Grizzly. It was directed by Monte Hellman and Robert Barrett while Produced by Ovdio G Assonitis. Although FVI won the US argument against Warner Brothers over the alleged ripping off of The Exorcist, reportedly the Italian wing payed in 1979 (I have to get my Boxoffice Magazine notes for that story).

In this part of a Cinefear interview with Donn Davison, who worked for FVI back in the day, he mentions about the film.



By 9/6, after a very successful run, you could see it with The Devil’s Wedding Night, Distributed through Dimension. Although it was a long run, the audience was starting to thin out and a Double Feature was brought in to at least save it’s final week playing there. Directed by Luigi Batzilla, and possibly the best known of his career although trash film fiends also known him for SS Hell Camp and the one and only Nude For Satan, plus reportedly Co-directed by Cult Legend Joe D’Amato, it was a perfect Double for Beyond the Door.


By 9/20, the Jesse James and Parkside DIs were playing it with one of the all time Favorite Second Features, the one and only Devil’s Nightmare from 1971 with Erika Blanc! Distributed through Hemisphere in it’s next to final round (the last days in my opinion were all of those European Tickets to Hell plus one of those Mysteries of the Universe films this time with William Shatner hosting). Directed by Jean Brismee, from what one knows the last film on the resume, it would go onto play as a second feature quite a bit.

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