B-Horror Class-Sick The House of Exorcism, the first Run Detroit Toledo connection, 1976

B-Horror Class-Sick The House of Exorcism, the first Run Detroit Toledo connection, 1976

From it’s very artistic beginnings as Lisa and the Devil, the classic Mario Bava film that went nowhere in an exploitation driven market, The House of Exorcism played very well in the B houses and Drive Ins thorough the next couple of years. The Telly Savalas/Elke Sommer film may have it’s critics with Bava fans and rightfully so as it cheapened the classic original cut, but to B Movie fans it is a very good example of what happened after The Exorcist. Distributed through Peppercorn-Wormser in The US, this had quite a sales program.

On 6/27/76, this is what it was like in the Metro Area Hard Tops:
W/ Devil’s Nightmare (remember what I said about this being a popular B?) – Adams, Norwest, Northgate, Quo Vadis.

W/Race With the Devil – Camelot
W/ Nightmare in Wax (yes, the old Crown-released 1969 film) – Wyandotte Annex

Metro Area Drive Ins:
W/ Devil’s Nightmare – Bel Air, Blue Sky, Wayne, and Westside
W/ Race With the Devil – Jolly Roger
W/ The House That Dripped Blood and Asylum – Mount Clemens

In the next week, it was only at the Adams, showing that after Beyond the Door, you could tell that Exorcist style films were starting to go on their way out, especially after Warners re-issed the original article for a successful 1976 run.

In the Toledo Area, it only received a small play, but it was at the Colony, that favorite place for Horror films before it’s 1981 closing, with it’s Friday being 7/30. It only lasted one week.

Later on, it would hit the Detroit Area again for the Halloween season at the Fox, earning a very small mention in the Detroit News’ Halloween movie report “For Telly Savalas fans”. It’s B was the Night Child, fittingly enough as it was a VFI release.

Later it would hit the Franklin Park DI in Toledo on 11/26 with Last House on the Left.

It would play as a B now and then after that, creating a very small cult for the film.

Hte regional trailer featuring Donn Davison.


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