HG Lewis’ BLOOD FEAST Arrives in Toledo! 4/15/64


From it’s July, 1963 opening in Peoria, Blood Feast was shocking the nation area by area. Nobody would have known that a film that tested the limits of taste would go onto be one of the more influential films, although it would take about a decade for that influence to fully realize itself in The US. Par the course for a lot of the features of the day, the release would go through area to area within a matter of months instead of weeks, and considering the jaw dropping nature of this film, you could understand the hesitation.

The ad campaign was very memorable, with some cities posting an age limit. In this case, after the first day’s programming at the Palace in Toledo, a theater that has been accustomed to Horror ad B films, there was a brief of change in the allowance of admittance (although I’m sure kids would have sneaked in anyways!).




~ by screen13 on February 21, 2014.

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