The Virgin Witch and Witchcraft 70 play the Franklin Park DI – 9/22/72

The Virgin Witch and Witchcraft 70 play the Frankllin Park DI - 9/22/72

The Occult made some great Exploitation flicks in the darker days of Hippie, and The British possibly made the very best, especially when it came to pure T&A Exploitation that could get played at a bigger number of theaters and Drive Ins than usual.

Distributed through Joseph Brenner in The US (and now released through Redemption/Kino, #7 in their recent series), this Ray Austin film starred the diabolic sexy duo of Ann and Vicki Michelle as aspiring models who were soon to find out that the price of fame was more than what they expected…not with money, but with their souls (Duh Duh DUUUUUUUUUH!!!).

Ann Michelle kept to the Exploitation path, appearing in such Screen-approved flicks like House of Whipchord (Pete Walker’s de Sadian epic Sexy Horror) and The Death Wheelers/Psychomania before moving onto television work. Vicki went onto more British Mainstream work including a role on the legendary TV show ‘Allo ‘Allo, even earning an MBE in 2010 (thus joining up in the ranks with The Beatles!). Legendary UK TV Actress Patricia Haines plays the ever domineering lesbian owner of the talent agency that knows that a little Witchcraft can go a long way in the world of advertising and modeling.

Lee Frost’s US edit of Luigi Scattini’s Angeli bianchi… angeli neri, complete with Manson-inspired bit and an interview with Anton LaVey (it was California, 1970 after all!). The narration in Frost’s version sounds more like the style used in Forbidden, the last of the unholy trinity of Olympic’s Faux-Mondos. The Mondo was Distributed through AIP.

According to Michael Aquino’s memories of The Church of Satan (p 85), the segment was shot in the ritual chamber of the Central Grotto in SF. Typically, the criticisms were strong from the group, who were the subject of Satanis: The Devil’s Mass released in 1969. As it was to be expected, the original edit was seen as the superior while the US version was as sensationalized, and the official Church of Satan paper, The Cloven Hoof, stated that opinion which was released in an Jan. 1971 edition.

In the future, and fearing that the 70 would date the film, it received a few plays as just plain Witchcraft
All in all, a very “Witchy” Double Feature!

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