Love Camp 7 (1969) Plays the Esquire in Toledo – 12/3/71

Love Camp 7 (1969) Plays the Esquire in Toledo - 12/3/71

In 1968, anything was fair game to shock the audience, and Bob Cresse’s Olympic International were already ahead on that game. From crazy Faux-Mondos featuring incredible staged scenes like the Arab Slave Auction filmed in Bronson Canyon to pick ups of some Japanese films that only had a small audience at the time, although I’m sure The Love Robots and other films would be pretty interesting today, and later rough films like the Pick-Up, the company always found an angle that would slightly shock but strongly seduce in all of the wrong and right ways. One of the most popular examples is Love Camp 7.

Starring Cresse himself as the Nazi Commandant, unleashing his strong Nazi fetish (Friend, Competitor, and even LC7’s Co-Star David F. Friedman stated in the Incredibly Strange Films book “Cresse REALLY believed he was a Nazi” – p107), Love Camp 7 kick started the Nazi Exploitation trend which was topped by Friedman’s Production of the Don Edmonds-Directed Ilsa, She-Wolf of the SS later on. Co-starring several commonly seen faces of Californian Exploitation of the time, this was well-Directed by the one and only Lee Frost who shot possibly all of this over at Friedman’s Entertainment Ventures, Inc.’s offices and surrounding small lot. Co-starring in this sordid flick were Kathy Williams and Maria Lease among the prisoners of a Nazi camp (with Saw-Horses!) who go undercover to get secrets. Expect the usual lousy British accents, but also be in awe at Cresse’s classic over-acting – he certainly was more at home in a uniform than in a dress as Granny Good in House on Bare Mountain.

The trailer shows Love Camp 7 as a continuation of Olympic International’s legacy, but in 1969, Cresse and Frost were Republic Amusements although the classic company was revived in 1970 when a whole string of theaters opened up that were ripe to play any one of the company’s offerings as “New”, as in new to that theater or area, although of course those in the know really knew that the films were around for a while. There were two final pickups in 1971, with Dirty Lovers ad The Scum, although there was a failed attempt to get The Blood Spattered Bride which would have been a good fit for the company if it wanted to go to a more General Audience/Horror Exploitation route. Just before the production of Ilsa, Cresse was shot by an LAPD officer while trying to stop the beating of a lady who turned out to be a prostitute, thus slowing down his career resulting in an attempt to go Porn through Counselor Films and the handling of Bob Chinn’s The Love Slaves.

Love Camp 7 was among the re-issues of 1970, along with Mondo Bizarro and Freudo, hence the play of Bizarro as the B.


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