Ed Wood’s Glen or Glenda as I Led Two Lives plays the Palace in Toledo 4/18/58

Ed Wood's Glen or Glenda as I Led Two Lives plays the Palace in Toledo 4/18/58

Glen or Glenda…what more can be said about it? Ed Wood’s work of transvestism complete with Bela Lugosi playing some kind of God overseeing things and lots of stock footage providing some special effects, Tim Farrell Narrating, Dolores Fuller not looking to happy to be in the film, and a hype that it was based on the Christine Jorgenson story has been a favorite for years. Back in the day, however, it only showed up in the backstreet movie houses and Drive Ins, in this case the Palace which was regularly showing these films through the Late 50’s, which leads us up to the showing of Plan 9 in the next year!

According to Wood in one of his books on film (A Study in the Motivation of Censorship, Sex and the Movies), Wood called Distributor and Producer George Weiss a man “…with the guts to attempt bringing such a deviant type of film to the screen” and a “delightful gutsy fellow”. Weiss would later work with the New York crowd in The 60’s, including Chained Girls and Olga’s House of Shame. (Quote from Rudolph Grey’s book Nightmare of Ecstasy)

Reportedly, the headlining feature being promoted, White Slavery, has been called as a Barry Mahon film according to Eric Schaffer’s Bold! Daring! Shocking! True! which actually grossed about $5 Million.


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