Devil’s Angels and Werewolves on Wheels play the Greenwood Cine at Midnight, Sponcered by WTTO (Plus Playlist!)- 7/5/73

Devil's Angels and Werewolves on Wheels play the Greenwood Cine at Midnight, Sponcered by WTTO (Plus Playlist!)- 7/5/73

A 1967 Biker Film in 1973 was certainly better than a Psych Out flick that aged by he turn of the decade, and to prove it you had to go to the Super Cine at the Greenwood Mall to find out. North Toledo’s premiere Mall Theater on Alexis and Lewis (now home to just a typical strip mall with no screens,

Werewolves on Wheels of course is the scuzzy classic featuring a bunch of struggling actors on Motorcycles including Stephen Oliver, Directed by Michael Levesque, featuring the dancing of DJ Anderson, and featuring the Hollywood farewell of Barry “Eve of Destruction” McGuire before he got born again for a long standing career that seriously dunks this film as the dead end of his Hippie days – a critique that actually sums up what the fans love of this film. Released two years before this Midnight play, Werewolves was perfect with critical successes of the dying days of The 60’s like Gimme Shelter (featuring Hells Angels battling audience members at a Rolling Stones concert). Severn Darden plays the cult leader in his great theatrical style.

Here’s a VHS Vision (possibly Unicorn Video) presentation of WOW, which actually contains a very small scene with the gang walking through an Auto Graveyard featuring Billy Gray in a cheesy parody of a Used Cars commercial starring “Puke the Dog” that’s not on the official disc, although it’s no serious loss. For a great DVD, get the Dark Sky release with an excellent commentary and an excellent widescreen presentation that covers everything.

Other films in the series…
5/24/73 – Nightmare in Wax/Blood of Dracula’s Castle
6/1 – Mad Dogs and Englishmen/Zacariah
6/8 – House of Dark Shadows/Night of Dark Shadows
6/15 – Gimme Shelter/Let It Be (See the death of The 60’s right here!)
7/13 – Night of the Witches (w/Sean Bonniwell music!)/Dr. GFrankenstein on Campus
7/20 – The Libertine/Camile 2000 (Radley Metzger Double Feature!)
7/27 – Stamping Ground/Alice’s Restaurant
8/3 – Oblong Box/Crimson Cult
8/17 – Vampire Lovers/Scream and Scream Again
8/24 – The Concert for Bangla Desh/Panic in Needle Park
8/31 – Beast of the Yellow Night/Creature With the Blue Hand
9/14 – Blood on Satan’s Claw/Beast in the Cellar
9/28 – Cauldron of Blood/Crusible of Horror
10/6 – Trash/Z
10/26 – Gimme Shelter/2000 Motels
11/16 – Bananas/Play It Again, Sam

11/23 – No WTTO mention, possibly no support – The Curse of the Demon Lover/Velvet Vampire

In the 12/1/73 issue of the Toledo Blade, WTTO was sold to Raystay, who decided to take the once-strong AM Radio Rock station that was being blown in the ratings by WIOT-FM, the only long staying Rock AOR Station in the area, and turn it into the area’s first all day Country station. Despite WIOT being an example of Midwest Rock Radio gone generic and bland, it also hosted several Midnight Movies through the area in the Late 70’s, which kind of makes up for it’s programming of the day.


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