70’s Report Films Part 1 – Secrets of Sweet 16 Plays the Metro Detroit Area 12/31/76

Movies to Send You to Hell - Secrets of Sweet 16 Plays the Metro Detroit Area 12/31/76

NOTE: The Catholic School Girls in Trouble segment from the great Kentucky Fried Movie clearly stated all you needed to know about this trend…although since you’re here, you’re possibly interested in more about these films than usual. Still, to whose who usually wonder why those interested in the entire history of Exploitation film still cover this genre, to avoid this chapter would make this research not complete…but you have to admit that the ad art for these films have a scuzzy charm of their own.

The 70’s, a time when Rock and Roll stars acted like Rock and Roll Stars, when Vans were Vans, and a time when Drive in flicks could be called Dirty Films Done Dirt Cheap. Then, they were just screen filler – today, they’re proof that “Only in The 70’s” was REALLY “Only in the 70’s”.

The Schoolgirl Report films and their off shoots had a strong audience in Europe, but what worked over there certainly caused many looks through The US during the time when they were Drive In and Second Division Screen regulars. There was a time from around 1973-5 when they were regulars on the US “Grindhouse” circuit all year around, but by ’76, just when the trend was slowing down in it’s home base and the US pickups were not as frequent, these would be shoved off to be only played in the Fall and Winter months – the slow time when the DGs would have their Drive Ins back. the appeal of most of them was that they tried to get away with as much as they could under the disguise of being intense looks at society (Suuuuuuuure! “Right From Case Histories” – although I’m sure a couple of the earlier more serious films were more believable), and not announcing who was in these films was part of the sordid sleaze attraction.

It’s been a little too long since I even mentioned the sleaze merchants over at Burbank International, and a perfect way to bring them back into focus is to bring on a mention of one of the most played of their line of films. Ernst Hofbauer’s film followed the formula of his Schoolgirl Reports (he did the first, and many more), episodes of tease and T&A with usually questionable stories and this time filled with uncredited performers (at least for the US version) was unleashed in The US in Mid 1974, playing as many Drive Ins as it can as well as placed like the Northgate. According to the IMDb, one of the familiar faces of these films was Marina Blumel who was also in Campus Swingers (aka Schoolgirl Report 4) and Naughty Freshmen – it could be safe to say that these films had their regulars. Campus Swingers was one of the many films that, er, swinged with Hemisphere Pictures through The 70’s, and some of those went onto SRC for the Late 70’s-Early 80’s.

This ad is a prime example of how they were promoted. What Schoolgirls Don’t Tell is the original title which was also on the ad, (not to be confused with Should a Schoolgirl Tell), plastered on in the usual true double title style, although the US edit cuts a chapter off from this episodic film.

Here’s the B List…
Northgate – Office Girls
Bel Air, Holiday, and Wayne (plus an non-advertised Pontiac DI) – Girls for Rent and Office Girls

The trailer is on You Tube, so to those interested, here’s the page (opens up in another tag/window so you can also stay right here!).


Hofbauer was known for films of all kinds of subjects like Swinging Pussycats, Intimate Playmates, The Bod Squad, Swinging Wives, The School Girls, The Resort Girls, and so many other subjects…note sarcasm! Still, they were staples of European Exploitation and most (certainly not all…) of them certainly have their fans which certainly were made for that secluded at the Drive In. Nobody will know you’re there…honest.

I’m sure a few readers were there back in the day, usually in the Winter months not caring if the snow covered the tires.


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