Eugenie Research Update…Toledo, OH 9/13/71

Eugenie Research Update...Toledo, OH 9/13/71

Jess Franco’s Eugenie with Mac Ahlberg’s Nana, the other film released by Distinction Pictures playing at the Miracle Mile and Maumee Drive Ins in the Toledo area while the Urban Action classic Shaft with the Cult Classic Pretty Maids All in a row at the Franklin Park Drive In. That’s seriously a Weekend’s worth of greatness!

Watching the Documentary on the Eugenie DVD, there was a mention from Jess Franco about Jerry Gross being the one who was going to be Distributing the film, which was seriously logical as he also had Igna and The Seduction of Igna, but I also read in a Boxoffice 8/24/70 review that Distinction was an Adult wing of National General. Selling off films to other companies is nothings new, but there have been times that reports have had some facts wrong, so I wonder if Gross actually parted off with that film to National General/ Either way, it’s great that it actually had some plays after a successful premiere while moving down to the usual Drive Ins and houses that welcomed Exploitation.


~ by screen13 on February 12, 2014.

2 Responses to “Eugenie Research Update…Toledo, OH 9/13/71”

  1. The thing that’s sorta sad is how these things don’t last very long. Miracle Mile alone ended up shut down by the end of the 80’s only to become a shopping plaza featuring a Cub Foods supermarket that lasted about a decade before that closed at the end of the century. Today, nothing, the whole area might as well be a drive-in again the way I see it! Would be an improvement and an easier way for any of us to want to experience it again than to go all the way to the Sundance out in Oregon, of course I see they had a tornado tear down one of their screens last November.

    • Drive Ins are a great way to see these films. Although there’s a lot of hype about showing films with Digital systems, I feel that the bet way is to actually just go a whole retro route with film. If done right, it might work!

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