The Depraved and Daughters of Darkness plays the Franklin Park Drive In, 12/14/73

The Depraved and Daughters of Darkness plays the Franklin Park Drive In, 12/14/73

When the Drive Ins knew that their audience was more than interested in what Sexy European film would stop by on their local screen as most of those films would have something a little more special with an exotic appeal, the films flew by fast and furious especially during the Spring and Fall/Winter when the pressure to play the hits lessened, possibly as the mainstreamers were just a Summer Crowd and the film fiends did not mind having to face the colder temps and In-Car Heaters that were a risk.

The Depraved was one of the first films for Group 1 Distribution, Brandon Chase’s company that had Euro sleaze as it’s specialty. Directed by Gustav Wiklund and starring One-Eye herself Christina Lindberg in the “Beauty in Sexual Torment” story that many sleaze fans want, it had what it took to be an Exploitation hit through the decade – it was even re-issued in the Late 70’s under the title Diary of a Rape, a title that played the Detroit Area back around 1977. Group 1 were 70’s Sleaze Masters!

Due to the lack of a trailer for The Depraved on the ‘Tube, there at least is a Foot Fetish clip using a brief scene from the film.

Daughters of Darkness takes the viewers to a Gothic place. Directed by Harry Kumel and starring the beautiful Andrea Rau, this was a film that was Distributed in The US through Maron Films (Mel Maron) and then released through Continental Video with the legendary big box. It also has John Karlen of Dark Shadows fame and Danielle Quimet.

The erotic and exotic feel of the film attracted a lot of those who wanted something more European in their films and not just something made in Sweden but could also be made right in California (in fact, Lee Frost fooled a lot of people with films like Ride Hard, Ride Wild, advertising them as being from Denmark). Daughters, however, could have only be made in Europe, in this case in Belgium.

Although many classic Dracula films were shown on TV through this time as well as some of the more European style Horrors featuring legends like Barbara Steele, films like this would also set the scene for the early Gothic Culture as most of the serious Drive In audience were film fiends looking for their kind of kick.

Pretty cool for a cold winter night of EuroSexy films! Just keep a check on the Car Heater!


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