A Short Lived Monroe Michigan Adult Theater in 1970

A Short Lived Monroe Michigan Adult Theater in 1970

Although Monroe MI’s movie history was not much, there actually was one short lived attempt to get a theater going. The Majestic was a little east of the Downtown area and was actually a regular film place which reportedly closed shop in 1967. Through the Summer to the end of the year in 1970, however, it turned into a place that at first claimed to be something for Adult Education, the normal excuse back then, before it advertised itself flat out as an Adult Movie place that advertised on having “The Best West Coast Film Shows”…although a look at their programming showed that maybe half of their picks were close to that.

If that title looks good to read on, here’s a great Temple of Schlock article on that film…sadly, it’s lost.


The film advertised here was one of John Hayes’ films released by Clover in 1969 starring Sharon Matt, who was in a number of Californian Nudies of the time including HG Lewis’ Linda and Abeline, shot on the Spahn Ranch which was populated with Charles Manson’s “Family” at the time.


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