12/23/77 – Last House on the Left Plays Detroit Theaters with The House That Vanished; 1/13/78 – “Last House, Part 2” Plays the Detroit Area with The House By the Hill

In Exploitation, there were a lot of wicked cases of promotion like in this classic House to House history of violent class-sick films. Wes Craven’s classic Last House on the Left with David Hess played the Holiday Week of 1977 at a few Detroit Theaters with The House That Vanished at the Gratiot and Holiday DIs as well as the ever-reliable Northgate Strip Mall theater in Hazel Park.

Just before the “Blizzard of 1978” hit, a cinematic kind of terror known as Aldo Lado’s The Night Train Murders with Marina Berti and Macha Meril “rolled” into town under it’s Last House-Part 2 banner with a film that hardly anyone remembers it’s true identity called The House By the Hill. From what I remember, The Night Train Murders was originally to be presented by Bryanston, but as the company stopped in 1976 it was sold off to Central Park Films, possibly absorbed by Newport International who had Judd Parker, Parker National (Humm…Central PARK Films? Bringing up a 42’nd Street air to the name! Could be a connection), the infamous Hallmark Distribution (which only used AIP for it’s distribution, not linked with the legendary company). My guess on the mysterious House By the Hill is possibly that of the infamous Hollywood 90028 which was already known by then as The Hollywood Hillside Strangler – House By the Hill/HILLside Strangler, sounds about kind of right…maybe.

On the same week, What Have They Done to Your Daughters? was playing with All the LOving couples at the Algiers, Bel Air, and Holiday DIs!

More on The House by the Hill right here (along with my guessing comment)


The fitting thing for this day was that The Night Train Murders was aka The Christmas Massacre in a small US run, possibly the one before this small appearance!


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