Screen’s Thoughts – The Title Card to When the Screaming Stops – Dedicated to All Readers Ranging From Those Who Were There to the New Horror Fans From Screen 13

Screen's Thoughts - The Title Card to When the Screaming Stops - Dedicated to all Who Were There, All VHS Watchers and all readers)  From Screen 13

Sometimes I stumble upon different things that make me reflect what I have watched since being a young VHS renter, sometimes making clerks wonder where I came from and better yet maybe making them guess when they got the stack of tapes I was renting (They showed up possibly on the very first year of operation before they signed on!). The recent Play It To Us One More Time posting about When the Screaming Stops inspired me to see if I had something lying around about the film in my photos and such, and thankfully there was…the title card!

I was a little too young to have actually have “Been There” so I can’t tell you what it was like to have seen this in a theater. I won’t lie about that. Still, I will tip my hat to those who looked around the papers for these kind of films playing where they belonged, on the big screen, sometimes in a Drive In with the concession stand that was filled with every wrecked of health known to mankind and a lot with cars that were jumping up and down certainly not because of the movie (and certainly the type that would sometimes look like the one in Deadbeat At Dawn), maybe in some theater about to close or turn into a sharp Concert Hall or maybe in some Strip Mall with a shabby theater within that can only be decorated with these movies Distributed by some small outfit – and considering that I went to the Greenwood Mall’s soon to close twin theater quite a few times to see stuff like Reform School Girls I possibly could have been a regular at the Northgate in Hazel Park if fate would have let me. Yes, a lot of the US edits seriously looked like that they were chopped by someone with a new Ginsu Knife and plenty of caffeine and many promotions were silly like throwing the “Red Flash” gimmick before the gore in this film, but that was the way a lot of us Movie Ghouls back then loved it, especially in the theaters.

This is also for all of us who were there back in the day and also to those who still have VHS machines in this digital age for some Retro Video nights. The original edit of The Loreley’s Grasp is pretty easy to fine thanks to the recent DVD releases, and it should be seen, but in it’s own way the US edit that flew it’s way through a could of companies (International Cine Film and Cougar if I’m correct) before winding up with International Artists in I think 1978 – finally given the R in the same MPAA Report as John Carpenter’s legendary Halloween according to my note (correct if wrong, please) – is pretty cool to see even if just for that Red Flash gimmick many theater audiences saw over the years. Although it played to Detroit area audiences in two highly promoted showings in theaters as well as many others through the Late 70’s and Early 80’s, there’s some crazy kick by viewing it on VHS and loving it which gives you the feeling that you know you’re into this kind of show.

Also, this is for all readers of this blog, especially new fans who like to look at what happened in the past at times to see how far we’ve gone. I seriously hope you like this Blog. (PS, thanks for also putting up with my Edit Madness if you catch them sometimes)

More later!


~ by screen13 on November 8, 2013.

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