The Horrible House on the Hill plays The Ecorse…just one DI in the Metro Area – 1/25/76

The Horrible House on the Hill plays The Ecorse...just one DI in the Metro Area - 1/25/76

As the bottom of a three film play at the Ecorse Drive In, Devil Times Five played it’s only Ecorse date under one of it’s original names The Horrible House on the Hill (The other was Peopletoys), the only time that the Metro Detroit area had heard of it before Devil Times Five played the area a couple of years later. This was from the Detroit News 1/25/76 edition.

Horrible House on Hill?!!!

Nobody seems to have the trailers for Devil’s original runs, so here’s the classic one we all know and remember.

Around this time, Cinemation also carried a number of films from International Co-Productions, including Tis’ Pity She’s a Whore, which was listed as just “Tis’ Pity” in more restrictive papers and played a suburban screen – I will get back to researching on that title soon, but I did spot a small listing for that one as well.

Also, to those who know Don’t Leave Go My Hand, aka Black Hooker, the film played it’s best known title (Black Hooker was a staple of Mill Creek collections) played a few theaters in the area including two Drive Ins – the pictured Bel Air and the West Side. According to the IMDb, Black Hooker was Distributed by Movie Company, although there was also a small release through Artisan which Distributed films through urban areas around this time including Soul to Soul (originally released through Cinerama) and Thunderfist.

Sadly, Cinemation was about to go to an end after filing Bankruptcy in September, 1975


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