It Played Detroit – Turkish Delight under the title of The Shelter of Your Arms 2/8/76, and the Final Days of Cinemation

It Played Detroit - Turkish Delight under the title of The Shelter of Your Arms 2/8/76, and the Final Days of Cinemation

One of Cinemation’s final flings before Jerry Gross returned to what he did best – which was promoting the hell out of some eye-opening Exploitation, proven when Zombie played in 1980 – The Shelter of Your Arms was an attempt to get into the more mature market but with a film that already played under another title, Turkish Delight, before playing under a more sell-able title when the company was about to close shop.

ADDED ON INFORMATION: Around this time, I think that Monarch had this title, bought after a clearing sale that Cinemation had. Monarch would also carry The Cheerleaders, one of Cinemation’s greatest hits. Monarch got the film an R rating reported in the 2/9/76 Boxoffice.

According to a 2/9/76 article in Boxoffice, this received it’s R rating around that time (I give it a week before the news was released). Another Cinemation film, The Confessional, was also making it’s rounds by this time in selected areas, including some possibly in the Metro Area.

I have not seen the English version (yet), but I feel that this is possibly a very good film made in 1973 which lives up to it’s raves, but you can tell that the advertising certainly was not hinting at the already dated style which would stop any future success beyond it’s first week in theaters under it’s more commercial title in 1976.

Rutger Hauer will turn into one of the screen’s legends, his co-star Monique van de Ven would be an actress that would mainly work in Germany.

With this film showing a very different style than what he’s known for in The US, Director Paul Verhoeven would later go onto future fame with Robocop, Total Recall, and later with the controversial Basic Instinct and Showgirls, with 1984’s The Fourth Man his last hit in US Art Houses before moving into a more commercial world with Flesh and Blood in 1985.


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