Naughty Roommates invade your bed (you wish!)…I mean the Metro Area DIs – 2/20/76

Naughty Roommates invade your bed (you wish!)...I mean the Metro Area DIs - 2/20/76

To those not really in the know, the real down and dirty Passion Pit flicks were usually played in the around September to April when the weather permitted or when the DIs were daring to do business in times when it was a real risk to your cars and there were those lonely souls who were the regular customers or even those kinds of relationships where one would claim to be “at a party” or “at a friend’s house” when that party was in the back seat or that friend’s house was the Super Van.

In this case, Naughty Roommates proved to be some kind of backdrop to everyone who attended almost like a lower budget variation of the now-classic New World pictures or even on the line as something like the Young Seducers. Like Young Seducers, this was one of those Euro Sexy flicks Distributed through one of the kings, if not THE king, of cheap-o imported Sexy flicks, Hemisphere in it’s final days.

Naughty Roommates was reported to have originally been released in 1969 and Directed by Franz Antel, who also brought us flicks like Sexy Susan Sins Again (a 1968 flick presented by Cal-Tex in 1971 in The US) and House of Pleasure (why am I thinking that that was played in The US, too…humm…) although he went to more serious fare like Der Bockerer. The Writer was Kurt Nachmann, who also worked on Der Bockererwho’s possibly best known for The Naked Countess (a film Distributed in The US by Crown International).

Starring starlets include “Sexy Susan” herself Teri Tordai and the very lovely Andrea Rau, who many Scene-makers know from the ultra great Daughters of Darkness…DAMN I want to see this!!!

For the B Roll, here it is! This seems to be the perfect time to get acquainted with the places this will be mentioning from time to time. Here’s a small introduction to some of our favorite places!

BEL AIR, the legendary 8 Mi + Van Dyke hot spot – All the Lovin’ couples/Swinging Stewardesses (one U-M, one Hemisphere – the one that started their roll call of German Skin and Sin)

HOLIDAY, a Woodhaven hot spot that played a lot of Screen-approved fare on West and Telegraph – Love Object/Cindy and Donna (one Brenner and one Crown, Cindy and Donna being quite a Dramatic flick that’s a good choice to check out!)

TROY, a very North Suburb DI on 15 and Stephenson where the name was also the X that marked the spot – All the Lovin’ Couples/Swinging Models (another print of the U-M Distributed film plus a Hemisphere film, an import Directed by Ralph Gregen and released in the US in 1973)

WAYNE, another 8 MI point of entry, this time near Northland in it’s namesake – Love Object/Swinging Stewardesses

VAN DYKE, way up in Warren on Van Dyke/M-53 S. of 14 Mile – The Stepdaughter/Teenage Playmates (Gary Graver’s re-titled When She Was Bad plus Schoolgirl Report #7)

Plus the Hardtop not mentioned in the ad…
NORTHGATE, the legendary Strip Mall triple screen in Hazel Park on John R and 9 MI – Teenage Playmates

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