Martial Arts Classics at the Shelby – Oct. 1981

Martial Arts Classics at the Shelby - Oct. 1981

Going through some wrapping up of my research through the 80’s, I noticed some very small ads for the Shelby which at one time programmed Chinese films which possibly started sometime in the Summer of 1981 – I noticed Kid With a Tattoo in a 7/28 announcement. By ’82 or ’83 they turned into a standard B movie house going by my notes, but for a while it was the place that Martial Arts fans were going to once the Fox stopped being the regular place for these films in Early 1981. The regular programming would feature the lighter stuff first (Re: Sugar Daddy) then turn Action by the night time.

The Beauty Escort was aka Samurai Bells of Death released by the Lin Shing and Yu Feng Film Companies and was released on VHS by Ocean Shores Video, a name very familiar to those who really looked out for these films in their days of renting (caught a number of them at the Video Connections I went to through the years!)

Fist and Guts from 1979 was released by Liu Brothers Film company and starring Chia-Hiu Liu, aka Gordon.

This ad was from 10/9/81


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