Abduction Plays the D – 2/27/76

Abduction Plays the D - 2/27/76

Needing to go back to the start of my research – as the Microfilm collection of Detroit papers goes only back to 76 where I’m at – I have to dig up this little known film that seemed to be inspired by the Patty Hearst story, the trail taking place around that time. As you can tell, the topic was hot enough to see this Joseph Zito flick play a number of the Metro area theaters,some with some very interesting choices for Bs.

The Savage 7 – Adams, Bel Air
House of the Missing Girls – Guild, Jolly Roger
Trip With the Teacher – Northgate
Devil’s Angels – Bel Air (also w/Savage 7), Wayne DI (w/Hell’s Angels on Wheels)
Love Object – Jolly Roger DI, Van Dyke DI (w/Her, She, and Him)

Also that Friday, Goodbye Bruce Lee was another film that was being hyped around the city while the Fox had The Black Dragon/The Black Dragon’s Revenge. THe hip Adult film of the time was Emmanuelle 2 , which was showing at the Studio 4 (w/The Libertine), Wynadotte Annex, and the Hampton 3.

More on this week later.


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