MPM (and in this case FCG) in The D #3 – Jacinto Molina’s “The Craving” Plays Detroit 9/19/86 plus Two More Hits!

I seriously love it when I dig up more information about MPM’s flicks playing in the Detroit area as well as those released through EMC and Film Concept Group as their line up of films certainly had something for the most dedicated Exploitation watcher. By 1986, many fans of these films were heading over to their video store but there were some that still wanted to see these films where they belonged – on a big screen and usually in a Drive In. Their Sub Distributor in Detroit, MRC Enterprises, must have had some happy customers when it came to selling these films to Metro area audiences (especially when a film like Savage Streets breaks a Drive In record at the Bel Air).

The Craving that’s in this post is certainly not a film from the 2Ks, but from 1980 and Directed by El Hombre Lobo himself, Jacinto Molina better known as Paul Naschy. Now on DVD as Night of the Werewolf, this is a wonderful time filler that thrown in a lot of good things including tease from the attractive co stars, a Vampire plot that makes the film a mini revival of The Werewolf vs. The Vampire Woman (although as this is an El Hombre Lobo film I’m certainly not complaining), and lost of attractive camera work.

This was released as The Craving in 1986 through John Cambliss’ Film Concept Group that was a continuation of MPM before that company fell down in 1984.
This is the Spanish trailer for The Night of the Vampire, but to those who don’t speak the language, this gets everything down very well. I tried (and still am trying) to see if there;s the English US trailer around, but it’s a great film.

Not to be outdone, TWO classic Euro Horror classics with the Exploitation crowd were also shown at the Drive Ins and at the Adams and Mercury. If you have not seen Burial Ground: The Nights of Terror of The Other Hell, the film that’s marketed as The Guardian of Hell, then check them out as soon as possible…maybe after reading this post! All three flicks are filled with everything you want in low budget films, plus in the case of Burial Ground Peter Bark.

Burial Ground’s plot is simple – nutcase unleashes Zombie Army, stupid people party at a house nearby and attract the Zombies, Peter Bark turns into one of the new zombies and stars in one of the greatest WTF moments in Horror film history. Plenty of goo, worms, and eerie Synth music with some nice tease and seriously stupid moments. Andrea Bianchi slapped together this master-wreck!

As for The Other Hell, Bruno Mattei is the one to worship or blame depending on your opinion, but since this is the Scene of Screen 13, you know that this is Fun With Nuns that must be seen.

You can tell that this was a triple play that mattered!

Late in 9/86, The Craving hit the Northgate in Hazel Park a couple of weeks later, but sadly this was when they were only playing one flick per screen.

In October, over at the Plaza Downtown, The Craving played with Chopping Mall and Foxtrap. Yeah, they should have just played this triple feature, but at least The Craving, the one that will get noticed here, was playing somewhere.


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