Zombies in The D (as well as FCG, the off shoot of MPM) – Burial Ground

Zombies in The D (as well as FCG, the off shoot of MPM) - Burial Ground

This classic Italian Zombie flick is one of the finest time wasters ever – Professor unleashes an army of Zombies, kills the Professor and waits for anyone to enter their domain nearby. A group of people party at a house in the area and soon the Zombie attack begins. It’s got the basics plus Peter Bark, the midget who seriously is excellent in an over the top role that concludes with a memorable breast feeding scene you don’t want to miss.

Andrea Bianchi (Strip Nude For Your Killer) Directs the madness.

In the Detroit area, this played with a number of films including Day of the Dead at the Mercury, Commerce, and Grand River screens as well as Fright Night at the Ford Wyoming, Hellhole at the Miracle Mile, and Return of the Living Dead at the Bel Air, Ecorse, and Wayne DIs.

Film Concept Group was the offshoot of Motion Picture Marketing who offered Detroit area screens a number of Exploitation flicks since 1979 including Night of the Zombies, Mausoleum, and the all time classic The Gates of Hell (of course, you should know it by it’s real title City of the Living Dead).

This classic played the Detroit area on 9/6/85.


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