MPM in The D #2 – The Gates of Hell

MPM in The D #2 - The Gates of Hell

While I’m thinking of Lucio Fulci’s classic of classics, although some may say Zombi 2 or The Beyond (or even a classic Pre-Gore fan’s favorite, Don’t Torture a Duckling…all very good choices!), here’s the newspaper ad for The Gates of Hell, released by MPM and played Detroit starting 5/27/83.

A popular B for this film was another MPM flick, Mausoleum although it also played with Concrete Jungle at the Walake DI and with Funeral Home at the Northgate.

We know the official Trailer, but as this Blog’s all about the US Grindhouse releases, now focusing on Detroit mainly, this is the classic trailer that was a favorite of renters of Paragon Tapes as well as watchers of Late Night TV (I caught this on Saturday Night Live!)

At the same time, another Northgate screen had MPM’s Mausoleum playing with the classic original Evil Dead!


~ by screen13 on September 17, 2013.

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