Play It To Us One More Time #2, Part 2 – Flesh For Frankenstein, the Monarch Films run in the D

Play It To Us One More Time #2, Part 2 - Flesh For Frankenstein, the Mammoth Films run in the D

The famed 3D Horror film, a classic mix of the ultra over the top and classy Gothic Horror, was brought to the screens in 1976 through Monarch Films, Al Shakleton’s company out of New York who also brought The Bubble to life one more time as the Fantastic Invasion of Planet Earth that same year. Monarch’s announcement was made in August , 1976 with a strong successful NYC run – The Detroit play started on Jan. 21, 1977. Although the film would wind up being advertised in a very campy way while being teamed up in a few areas with Blood for Dracula sometimes called “Andy Warhol’s Young Dracula” when it was picked up by Central Park Films, this film would gain a strong cult following which led to another theatrical run as well as many revivals through the years. (Oddly enough, reportedly ANOTHER Young Dracula was around, a re-title of the infamous Ringo Starr/Harry Nilsson film Son of Dracula)

Along Kier’s outstanding performance as the Baron, mention also must be made of the performances by Joe Dallesandro as the stable boy who looked more at home in Downtown Brooklyn but fit in pretty well and the children, Nicoletta Elmi (a very familiar face in Late 70’s Eurohorror) and Marco Leofredi, both very quiet and sinister characters that would cap the film perfectly.

…and is it me, or is it that Srdjan Zelenovic, the one who played the Male monster Sacha, looks a bit like Green Gartside from Scritti Politti?

After this, a small 3D industry followed ranging from Porn to Martial Arts – in the following year, Cinema Shares would released Dynasty

Out of all the things to rave about the film, the soundtrack by Claudio Gizzi remains one of my favorites.

Beautiful music!

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