Play It To Us One More Time #2 – Andy Warhol’s Frankenstein (Flesh For Frankenstein)

Play It To Us One More Time #2 - Andy Warhol's Frankenstein (Flesh For Frankenstein)

A classic class-sick Directed by Paul Morrissey and starring the very over the top Udo Kier, Flesh for Frankenstein was one of the 3D events of the Late 70’s and Early 80’s. Originally released in the US through the infamous Bryanston and then later picked up by Al Shakleton’s Monarch after the former closed down and sold a lot of it’s Distribution rights to it’s films to other companies, it was a hit in many cities including the Detroit area.

The third run of this mad flick in Detroit was on November 5, 1982 and was held over at a number of theaters as Creepshow was making it’s debut. Re-released a second time by Landmark Films, it would land in the VHS world through a very cheap big box presentation through AIR Video which included the original X card at the end (and even a test pattern!). Thankfully, Criterion would bring the film to full respect with it’s deluxe Laserdisc presentation by 1996.


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