Play It For Me One More Time! – FIlms that returned – #1 – When the Screaming Stops

Play It For Me One More Time! - FIlms that returned - #1 - When the Screaming Stops

In the classic days of Exploitation, you never really knew when a film was going to return to the screens either as a B film at a Drive In some time after it’s first run in the area or even years later as a main attraction or even titled under something else. Play It For Me One More Time focuses on those flicks that had a special return engagement, usually when it’s with another company or when a company like AIP plays it in some All Night show with other films.

The Loreley’s Grasp is a favorite with the followers of the acclaimed Deimos/BCI Spanish Horror collectipon, but those who remember that film years ago might have remembered it through it’s US title When the Screaming Stops. Like many of these films, it had a history of moving from company to company, usually undetected through very small distribution by wither regional companies or small time outfits that played their collection here and there especially in backwoods Drive Ins that could only afford the cheaper programmers. In this case, it had a history of being picked up for Southern Distribution by Harnell in 1975 (reported in a Boxoffice of that year) and then picked up by Cougar, the company known for it’s long list of films that were from many companies including International Cine Film but more or less winding up best known on cheap VHS releases – in Cougar’s case through 1977 and early 78 it might have been possibly been known as the Swinging Monster, but it was best known as The Lorelei Legend. By late (October) 1978, however, it wound up with the company who promoted it the best, Independent Artists led by John Burzichelli (certainly no relation to the 13’th Floor Elevators’ label). Reportedly, the rating was changed from an X to an R, but it’s best known feature was both it’s name change to When the Screaming Stops and it’s infamous William Castle styled gimmick of the red flash before a shock scene as well as the “No Refunds” policy as noted on the newspaper ads.

Actually, back in it’s day the film did not need the added buzzers and bells used to sell it with as it’s a pretty cool Horror that had the touches of tease a lots of red goo enough for a fun ride, but by 1978, it was possibly viewed as too dated and ready to be sold with the extra hype. Directed by the legendary Amando de Ossorio of the Blind Dead fame (Seriously, see the Blind Dead films!!!) this has all of the touches that made his most famous series a cult classic, and appearances by Tony Kendall as the playboy guards keeper of an all (about Early 20’s!) all girls’ school that has been the target of bloody attacks and Helga Line looking seriously good as the title monsteress that changes into some lizard creature when on earth keep the film moving at a good pace with their presence along with a nice amount of tease by the supporting cast.

In The Metro Detroit area, this got TWO plays through The 80’s, and I’m sure they helped create a big interest in classic Euro Shock B films of The 70’s when the films were more available on VHS. The first play, featured here, is from the March 21, 1980 play, when it faced some good competition with Don’t Answer the Phone – which was actually advertised in the Detroit News next to the ad!

The second arrival was on September 7, 1984, with the ad next to Bolero. The rating change featured in this ad happened about half a decade before!

You have to admit that this is worth a view!


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