Torso and Texas Chainsaw Massacre – A CLASSIC Horror Double Bill in The D

Torso and Texas Chainsaw Massacre - A CLASSIC Horror Double Bill in The D

From Joseph Brenner in New York comes this legendary Double Bill of Terror. Torso was Sergio Martino’s shocker made in 1973, with a very quick US release by the on the target company while TCM was a film picked up from Bryanston, a company that went out the door after investigations concering their business after it was found out that it was funded by monies made from the legendary Porno Deep Throat. A lot of Bryanston’s pictures went to a number of companies including “Andy Warhol’s Frankenstein”/Flesh for Frankenstein going to Monarch (Al Shakleton) who paired it up in it’s 3D version with the Fantastic invasion of Planet Earth (aka The Bubble).

Detroit played this legendary double bill a lot of times through the net couple of years, possibly influencing a generation or two of gorehounds!

From 3/26/76, this played the Taylor on Telegraph and many Drive Ins: Bel Air (With The Devil’s Rain, another Brenner pickup from Bryanston!), Dearborn, Eastside, Ecorse (With Two Lane Blacktop), Ford-Wyoming, Fort George (with The Devil’s Rain), Holiday (With The Devil’s Rain), Lakes, Mount Clemens, Pontiac (again with The Devil’s Rain!), Walake, Wayne 1-2 (with The Devil’s Rain), and Westside.

For the alternative DI show, you could always head for the Miracle Mile for House of 1,000 Pleasures, The Oldest Profession, and Moonlighting Mistress.

For the alternative that week, you could see Snuff at The Fox or for a lighter indulgence, there’s The Cheerleaders and Flesh Gordon at the Guild Hard Top and the Bel Air and Jolly Roger DIs. Cheerleaders and Flesh Gordon would later be joined with The Groove Tube for a “Liberated” sexy comedy feast.

My research has been going by sections, but I did catch a number of Late 1977 showings of this terror two-some over at the Adams, Bel Air, Northgate, Norwest, Algiers, Holiday, Jolly Roger, and Westside for the week of 12/7-13/77! The Northgate had a screen playing it later in the month as well.

Brenner would later pair up other films through the last years of it’s operation.


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