Deep Red in The D, 10/1/76

Deep Red in The D, 10/1/76

Today, Dario Argento is a legend who’s name is known to every true fan of Horror, but back in The 70’s in The US, however, you had to be lucky to have lived in an area that showed more than just Suspiria (Possibly the best known Argento film in The US by the end of the 70’s). Of course, this was also the time when there was little chance in seeing any of his films in it’s complete edition as well. Still, catching them in a Grindhouse or Drive In attracted a lot of fans and those curious back in the day.

Deep Red, a serious classic of the Argento history, had a low-level release in The US, this time through the New York Based Howard Mahler and was Rated R when Director’s Enterprises brought it to the MPAA in March, 1976 (reported in the 3/29/76 Boxoffice). Obviously this was massively cut, in this case from 126 Minutes to 98.

The ad certainly was an eye-catcher, but the real answer to that question in Detroit was seriously a film it did not mention, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, which last played the Detroit area about six months before this film’s play. The ad was from the 10/1/76 Detroit News.

The Double Features are as follows:
Alger and Northgate – From Beyond the Grave
Showboat – Devil’s Nightmare (a popular choice)
Stagedoor – The Shootest
Bel Air and Fort George – From Beyond the Grave
Blue Sky and Wayne – Garden of the Dead

Oddly enough, the ultra cheap Manson Exploitation The Manson Massacre had more screens that week, although while that film is lost, Deep Red turned into one of the many influential films of Dario Argento’s career.


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