The Great Hollywood Rape Slaughter (1976?)…He’s Certainly Not Billy Jack and It’s NOT With Linda Ronstadt


10-28-78, San Antonio – The You Tube Video was taken off, but I finally found an ad to take it’s place!

I have not yet seen an ad in the Detroit News for this one yet, but if I do, I will post it.

This trailer features scene from the ending of that film…any connection to the original version of the film that the footage precising it is from is nil. Still, the WTF factor is seriously high here.

The details are still not all known on how a film that was originally Hard Core Blues back released in 1974 (or maybe sooner, if thoughts about it being filmed around 1971 are right) then appeared in an Self Imposed X version around 1976 as Super Ball before the time the Hollywood Rape Slaughter film was released and then appeared as this best-known version.


This ad was 4-2-76 in Lubbock, TX. The Showplace 4 was regularly playing Adult films through the weekends back then.

According to CARA, BE Productions submitted the film to the MPAA in 1974, but considering this film’s history, it seriously looked like a serious Fool ‘Em job when one considers what this film is about especially when one knows about the scenes featuring Rene Bond. Obviously, the people behind this flick were very smart, if certainly not in the film making process, but how they got away with a lot in the world of Exploitation by first possibly fooling the ratings and then promoting the film in such a low level way that it possibly escaped both Ronstadt and Tom Laughlin, who’s landmark Billy Jack character was imitated in a way that it looked like that whoever owned the film by then was inspired by The Born Losers or maybe Billy Jack making the screens again (It played the Detroit area in Late Sept. 1976), possibly not even noticing! By the looks of things, this film played at the usual holes in the wall and the out of the way drive ins enough to have been not noticed by anyone except for those very few who caught it.

Let’s see, a film about a Film Auteur flopping in the Adult industry who then goes berserk…I can just imagine the people behind this version going “YEAH!!! I GOT AN IDEA TO SELL THIS!!!” in pure Donn Davison gone sick style (Davison would have made a fake name, and while he was involved with X Rated flicks they possibly never went to these kind of plots in the films he was involved with).

It would be interesting to know the whole story as this would also turn out to be released as The Model Killer AND Teenage Starlets. All that I can think of is that the original film, which must have been altered for that R, was taken over by some enterprising “Producers” who knew the racket and were inspired by what Monarch did to a film by the Findlays with their release of Snuff.

My guess – I have a feeling that Associate Producer and star of the early footage Michael Plamondon sold his rights to Executive Producer “Frank Scheraldi” (Don’t know if it’s an AKA or not) in the way that Michael Findlay sold the rights to the Slaughter after Super Ball’s play and then all went to this. With this edition only getting very low end money (Can’t really say success!) in areas that would have been fooled and nobody would have noticed – no offense to rural and suburban areas but it is the Pre-Internet/Pre-Cable Dominiation time we’re talking about – the people involved played the old-school “Rename the Flick” routine by turning it into The Model Killer and stopped there, possibly through enforced reasons, but we still have to know the whole tale to get a final statement on this.

For more reading, and a good review of the film and it’s history…


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