Fake R Alert! The November, 1976 Detroit playdate of Snuff at the Fox

Fake R Alert! The November, 1976 Detroit playdate of Snuff at the Fox

The Friday November 5, 1976 Detroit News was one that featured a Fox ad that maybe made a couple of film fiends laugh out loud knowing that the infamous Al Shakleton presentation of Snuff, the infamous flick that took Michael and Roberta Findlay’s The Slaughter (itself already an X rated when Fanfare took the film to the MPAA in March 1971 before deciding to not promote the film) and added on a few minutes of obviously fake footage which caused an uproar especially with the easily fooled. Horror fans in The D knew about it’s X status through the Fox’s Late April, 1976 showings, although it restricted the ad’s appearances in papers that were not into reporting on Adult or X films in their ads section. Obviously this was a ploy to get the film mentioned in every paper in the area, and it’s play continuing a Horror theme as it played the week after the Halloween showing of The Night Child and another legendary film alteration – The House of Exorcism, which took Mario Bava’s classic Lisa and the Devil and peppered it up with Elke Sommer doing an Exorcist imitation which is amusing to watch for a couple of times in the right frame of mind – understanding the nature of the Exploitation beast.

The co feature was the same as it’s first time around, Kung Fu, the Punch of Death, Distributed through Lana Films and it’s subs. The film was rated R in August of 1973.

Reportedly, Snuff is getting a Blu Ray release from Blue Underground with informative extras, something the original DVD release did not have (it was seriously bare bones with the film as one no-chapter title).


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