Sleazy Schoolgirl Drive In Triple Feature at the Bel Air (Screen 2) and the Wayne DI

Sleazy Drive In Triple Feature at the Bel Air (Screen 2) and the Wayne DI

From 2/11/77 – Detroit News

It was that time of year when the DIs were playing the Imported Schoolgirl Report flicks that were supposed to be the backdrop to making it with your date in the car that was supposed to be at a more respectable place (hopefully the “Raincoat” was used!) or just being alone making sure that the car heater did not catch on fire. Most of these films were distributed through The US by Hemisphere, but this time around it was different. The featured flick Directed by Pierre Unia was distributed by Aquarius, and Schoolgirls was possibly a film that was Distributed through Sunset International, who had a film called The Games Schoolgirls Play – the main hype of this ad certainly was a major hint as to what the film might have been really (Ernst Hofbauer’s first Schoolgirl Report flick). School Girls Grow up is a Walter Boos film that was Schoolgirl Report #3 and I’m sure one that was released by Sunset International as well.

Back in 1972, Sunset also released the Barbara Capell-starred Should a School Girl Tell, which was called Lolita in it’s original German run in 1969, although obviously changed as to not to be confused with the critically acclaimed Kubrick film in The US. Did the LA based Sunset get subbed by Aquarius in The East Coast which would be then subbed by Nate Levin in Detroit (his name did appear on a few ads here and there)?

What made it all the more interesting at the Bel Air was that on the other screen was the compare and contrast double bill of Woodstock – the film hyped up as 3 Days of Love and Peace – and Gimme Shelter which was known as the moment that killed off that love and peace that survived Manson in a matter of hours.

More on these films later!


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