MPM in The D – Sex Education, 1979

MPM in The D - Sex Education, 1979

Speaking of the legendary MPM, here’s an ad that I caught during it’s early days in it’s days of re-titling films after picking up many movies from companies that went out of the business, a good number of them from the legendary Hemisphere which closed down around 1977-8 after a couple of years following the passing of it’s President Kane Lynn (RIP Oct. 16, 1975) . This is what was known in The US as Campus Swingers (D: Ernst Hofbauer) or Part 4 of the Schoolgirl Reports that were all the rage in The 70’s .

Actually, this one was pretty easy to report on considering a lot of the other “titles” consisted of at least two or even three films promoted under one title in different areas of The US. So, to make this a longer post, let me state some pretty cool trivia for you!

The co-feature was usually The Candy Snatchers although the Van Dyke Drive In played it different and booked it with Jailbait Babysitter and Hitchhike to Hell!

This was found in the Detroit News, Sept. 21, 1979 – perfect time for the title!


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