Kung Fu Fighting at The Fox! – Triple Bill from Sept. 14, 1979

Kung Fu Fighting at The Fox! - Triple Bill from Sept. 14, 1979

Time to dive right into something playing at The Fox. Before it turned into the go-to place for events in Detroit’s recent history, it really was the king of Exploitation places in the Downtown area in the Late 70’s.

This triple fist feature has a film that has some genre fans wondering what it really is, as Black Belt Soul Brother has not popped up on any official film lists. Thankfully, this ad might bring us closer to the truth…maybe as these films were produced very quickly with many aka titles thrown around like legs and fists.

Black Belt Soul Brother may be The Magnificent judging from the film lists of Yi Tao Chang (the Bruce Lai in this ad) and Sing Chen (“Chen Sing” in this ad). Maybe Jackie Chen is the “Bruce Chan” here as he’s also listed in the credits for The Magnificent.

Kung Fu Hercules is not what some may think it to be (maybe some are thinking Chinese Hercules…but it’s not!). According to Rare Kung Fu Films, a serious and well written site, this is connected to a film called Fatal Needles and Fatal Fists, circa 1977 with Wong Tao and Lo Lieh.


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