Going to The D!

Going to The D!

I finally have decided to return to my home base when it comes to this Blog, looking more into the world of Detroit and it’s suburbs. A lot has been written about Detroit’s Grindhouse history, and I decided to focus on contributing more to this topic, all in a “Wished I was born a few years earlier” kind of way, although you can say that at least I did experience the last few years of it’s 80’s Hardcore Punk scene.

Anyways…this Horror Double Bill is from The Adams Theater from The Detroit News May 14, 1976 edition – The Friday sections are always great to look through!.

The main event is a Paul Naschy film that was Distributed through International Artists, the company that also popularized When the Screaming Stops (Originally promoted through Cougar Films in The US as The Loreley Legend and I also think The Swinging Monster). This was also known as The Hanging Woman I think.

The co-feature is what I think to be Scream Bloody Murder, which was aka the Captive Female when it was Distributed through Ellman Films.

Any corrections please leave a comment!


~ by screen13 on June 23, 2013.

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