The Tasteless, the Trashy… and the Timely – the Trailer to Mondo Bizarro (1966)

Tasteless Exploitation, interesting Documentary footage, and mad faked Mondo footage – welcome to the world of Mondo Bizarro and that of it’s production company Olympic International Pictures.

Starting off with the “Two Way Mirror” technique made infamous by the film You two years later – Paul Hunt and Ron Garcia’s film before forming Canyon III with Billy Fine – this trailer hits both it’s highs and lows. The “Slave Action” obviously filmed in Bronson Canyon and starring Olympic International’s president Bob Cresse, the “Special Massage” obviously filmed at David F. Friedman’s studio that wound up showing the “customer” being massaged with eggs are among the more trashy and tasteless bits in true Olympic International style, but then there’s some moments that will actually make critics think what if they stuck to the serious footage…

In two minutes, we see the Artists Against the Vietnam War on Sunset Blvd. meeting with Pro War people protesting the protestors. Also in this trailer, we see Vito, scenes of Balboa Island proving that things really have not changed with mindless people (but only without the Facebooks, I Pods, and such!), and a look into the Sunset Theater’s collection of “art” (The “Wealthy Owner” is possibly Vince Miranda of the Pussycat Theaters). Although a lot of the camerawork is by the legendary Lee Frost, credit also must be given to Saul Resnick, who’s Love Is a Four Letter Word and Girls on F Street were handled by Olympic as well.

As a film, it’s certainly one for the fans of classic Sexploitation which contains some very interesting real footage thrown in. While it’s true that Olympic’s infamous Mondo films have their share of faked wonder, usually directed by Lee Frost, and fake names a go go, all of them deserve a look. Mondo Bizarro just happens to have everything right and wrong all at the perfect time. Tasteless, trashy, and timely…pretty much sums up the interesting history of Olympic International itself!

A trivia note…released in August, 1966, this was part of the Re-Issue collection of Olympic International in Jan. 1970 that was aimed for the growing number of Adult theaters at the time.

Of course, you also know that The Ramones titled their 1990 album after this film as well.

~ by screen13 on May 22, 2013.

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