Sunset Strip. Spring 1966 – Classic Mondo Bizarro clip

Thinking about the passing of Ray Manzarek the other day, I came across this seriously classic clip from the Lee Frost/Bob Cresse Mondo extravaganza from 1966, Mondo Bizarro.

This was the scene that was among my favorites, with Frost’s camera looking down on the Strip in it’s heyday, in the Afternoon before the real action happened. Playing at the Whiskey a Go Go was the legendary band called Love, who were already starting to turn into stars of their own while a couple of “Doors” down, going West on The Strip at the London Fog were a band that was about to eclipse Arthur Lee’s band in the next year on the same label…The Doors.

The offices of Olympic International were at that time located on Sunset as well. As you can tell, it was planned as filler, but it turned into something special.

No live footage, but this was a lucky shot to see signs featuring two great bands on that day for what was just an Exploitation flick that would also turn legendary in time.

According to the commentary by Johnny Legend, this was in that very brief period where The Whiskey-a Go Go, The Galaxy (located at 8917 Sunset), and the London Fog were all in business at the same time. The building where Galaxy was originally housed by a regular lounge before it’s best known incarntation, according the essential book Riot on Sunset Strip by Domenic Priore.

The film itself, a wild mix of real and classic made up T&A-edged Mondo scenes, the latter part of the mix being fueled by Bob Cresse’s legendary sadistic humor, played in San Francisco on Aug. 26, 1966. It’s a great flick for those into 60’s Mondo and Nudie movies.


~ by screen13 on May 22, 2013.

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