Sunset Strip 66-69 by David Dutkowski Featuring Jack Nitzsche’s “Surf Finger”

With the music used in Mondo Bizarro – Jack Nitzsche’s classic “Surf Finger”, a song that was sadly never on a publicly released recording until Ace’s second collection of the legendary Producer’s works (Possibly more aimed for use as “Library Music” better known as background music for films) – this You Tube video collects scenes of The Sunset Strip, although with more of a focus on it’s Lounge Life fitting of the B&W flicks of the day (Lots of Dino’s signs at the start – one I think from Wild Guitar) with a brief glimpse of it’s youth. David Dutkowski put together a fine clip. At :59, footage from Olympic’s last “Mondo” flick, Forbidden, is featured, and you will see a gathering at Pandora’s Box…although when one sees Forbidden, it’s on one of the nights of the Riots that took place.

Nice stuff! It’s a clip that used some good footage with a great song in full!


~ by screen13 on May 22, 2013.

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