The cool and crazy Our Man Steel trailer (1971 release) – A 1969 film, retitled, and still lost

Thanks to the great Temple of Schlock, I finally found out about the brief history of this film which has seriously caught my eye for the longest time after catching a trailer on the Teenage Gang Debs DVD (Something Weird Video). I only knew it through it’s 1971 release from Jet Set Productions, Donn Davison’s pre-Film Ventures International company with Ed Montoro, after noticing the words “Whipped Cream Orgy” in the ad for Girl With the Fabulous Box in one of the recent ads placed in the Temple and adding what was mentioned in the AFI books of films from 1961-1970, released through Nicena Productions in 1969, which had a very small description of the story that involved NASA, I was starting to think they were the same film. Everything was put together like a Lost Film Puzzle in perfect order.

Thanks to the answer I got, I now know that this stars Michael Nouri, but I would still love to see who was the band playing in the club. Considering it’s winding up in the hands of the “Donn” of exploitation, I could imagine that this was made in FLA, possibly in the Coconut Grove area made famous (OK, kind of famous) in other Late 60’s flicks. The AFI said it was Produced and Directed by one Charles Nisbet, but I feel that it’s an AKA, possibly Davison (Who already has had Moonshiner’s Daughter in his history), possibly some other Florida film maker.

Once again, thanks to the Temple of Schlock for this information! Now only if someone would find this flick!


~ by screen13 on April 23, 2013.

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