Jess Franco – Eugenie Trailer

Starring Marie Liljedahl (Inga) and Maria Rohm, with a special guest appearance by Christopher Lee (who was quite surprised about what the film was going to be like after playing in London’s Soho District), this was a film that was not Distributed in The US through AIP, but instead through Distinction Films, the very short lived “Adult Film” wing of National General Films, who’s other film was Max Ahlberg’s Nana (Take Me, Love Me) in 1971.


Eugenie was unleashed in The US in August of 1970, just a little before the time Venus in Furs was starting to get US Dates. Exploitation watchers in The States of the time were about to get hit with a double dose of Franco goodness if they were lucky enough to be in an area where both films were playing.

A great film with an excellent soundtrack by Bruno Nicolai


~ by screen13 on April 3, 2013.

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