Jess Franco – A Scene From Justine fraturing Jack Palance

Although compared to his other films based on the works of the Marquis de Sade, Justine is pretty much light fare, this film seriously is something to watch. While Romina Power certainly looks like she’s wondering what she got into (Franco wanted Rosemary Dexter, but the higher ups wanted Power to star as the title character while Dexter played Claudine), the star player of this clip, Jack Palance, clearly looks like he’s having quite a time…possibly too much of a great time, but still working with the film.

This was the de Sade ’71 referred to in the Booking Guides in Boxoffice for a while for it’s US release through AIP, but then was held back and then re-titled Deadly Sanctuary, a title very familiar to VHS renters who looked around the Mom and Pop stores for every Exploitation film they can find…count me in!

Featuring Klaus Kinski in a great over the top performance as the Marquis himself, Justine made some impression to those looking for this kind of entertainment.


~ by screen13 on April 3, 2013.

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