Jazzy Jess – A short but great clip from Venus in Furs

One of my favorite Franco films is the wonderful Venus in Furs. Featuring James Darren and, on Keys, the one and only Manfred Mann.

Mann and fellow Manfred Mike Hugg were on board for the score and to appear in a few sequences, just before Manfred Mann scored a few more hits in The UK before changing gears with Manfred Mann’s Earth Band. Venus in Furs was a film that allowed for Mann and Hugg to show their then-little noticed serious music side when they were still a strong Pop name before their move to Rock in The 70’s.

An announcement of the start of production was mentioned in a Aug. 2, 1968 Boxoffice.

The film was finally released in The US on Sept. 9, 1970 through Commonwealth United, who’s films were Distributed through AIP. In April of that year, AIP received full Distribution rights to their catalog of films, including a film called Count Dracula, which was even mentioned in some Booking Guides as Dracula ’71 along with a De Sade ’71 and The Bloody Judge. Franco fans will already know the story of those films.


~ by screen13 on April 3, 2013.

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