Christopher Lee – A Clip from Jess Franco’s Count Dracula

One of my favorite Franco-Directed moments, this was from a film that started off great before the low budget got in the way.

Sadly, even though this film was turned into the MPAA by AIP for a GP Rating mentioned in a 8-31-70 Boxoffice, this would be sold off to another company. World Entertainment would have this a couple of years later. Very few would have had the chance to see this on the big screen where it belonged. The Dark Sky DVD is great, and everyone interested in the world of Jess Franco should at least see it once.


~ by screen13 on April 3, 2013.

2 Responses to “Christopher Lee – A Clip from Jess Franco’s Count Dracula”

  1. Have you ever found any newspaper ads for this film? It was released in 1973 by Crystal Film in North America but I never heard of anybody who saw it in a theater. Everybody seems to have first seen it on TV. I’m curious as to where it played theatrically. Strange that a Dracula movie with Christopher Lee wasn’t picked up by AIP or Hallmark or any other important exploitation distributor.

    • Thanks for the comment! This was originally going to be released through AIP as per some announcements on Boxoffice’s Booking Guides as Dracula ’71, and was even rated under the title when they brought it to the MPAA (GP), but sadly things did not go well enough for them to release it. There was a release through Crystal in 1973 and a release through World Entertainment (it’s small pressbook was in the DVD extras). Through the Late 70’s, US Distribution was handed down to Films International – I caught a VERY small Drive In ad which had Count Dracula with another one of the company’s picked up offerings, Voodoo Heartbeat (The general audience version of The Sex Serum of Dr. Blake which also ran at lower-end Drive Ins at the time).

      Still looking for some play dates,though!

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