RIP, Jess Franco – The Diabolical Dr. Z Trailer

The World of Cinema lost a legend when Jess Franco passed away after suffering from a stroke. He was 82.

Jess Franco was someone who seriously traveled in his own style, creating many interesting and usually seductive films along the way. When he was great, the results brought in the viewers who wanted to see every era of his work, good or bad. A controversial name that sparked either complete interest or complete criticism, Franco broke barriers, whipped up films that blended eroticism and Horror, made some of the most intense WIP films (Especially in The 70’s), and had moments of true cinematic wonder (Look at the first half of Count Dracula before the budgets condemned the second half).

True, there were films that are only for serious Franco fans that tested a lot of other viewers. Sometimes, there were films that were just screen fillers. Still, a lot of those films continued his adventures when a lesser film maker would have just given up the life and turned to something else – The Castle of Fu Manchu, a MST3K pick, was one of the two films that started the team0up of the Director and legendary Actor Christopher Lee leading to the excellence of Eugenie and The Bloody Judge as well as the ill-fated but still great Count Dracula.

This trailer was from a film Distributed by US Films, a company led by Joe Solomon who later went onto further fame with his Fanfare Corporation. The US release was on Feb. 15, 1967, the same year that Hells Angels On Wheels pointed Solomon to his future in the Biker Exploitation genre. More on that company is planned for a future post.

If this is your first view of this trailer, I suggest that the Mondo Macabro DVD will be to your liking. This is seriously one of the best of the Early Franco films, an era that even his critics have found great in. It has a lot of style and a good touch of spice. Starring Howard Vernon (A familiar face in Franco’s World), Estella Blain, and Mabel Karr – everyone in great form!

When all is said, Jess Franco seriously is a legend!

RIP, Jess.


~ by screen13 on April 2, 2013.

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