One for the Whipping Scene Fans: Pets (1973), with added on music by Pink Nicotine. Added attraction: “Searching” from the original Pets score

This one if for the Whipping Scene fans who stop by. True, there’s some modern Funky music added on, but as I was researching for Burbank International Pictures, who I think was also known as International Producers Group before a name change (It was based in Burbank), I decided to post something for those who like these scenes. The Ralph Nussbaum film starring Candice Rialson was presented to the industry with a bit of a cool sense of humor, with one Industry ad asking theaters to “date” if the film got an R. Reportedly, the IPC was in business through 74 and 75, with titles including The Secrets of Sweet 16 (Also Distributed through Burbank International), Naughty Nymphs (A familiar title through the Mid 70’s), and Sensuous Wives. Business was focused on Burbank after that through 1976 and 1977, with one notable release of 2069: A Sex Odyssey in 1977 marketed in the trades as an Adult alternative to Star Wars.

For those who like an Original Soundtrack moment, here’s Pets’ main song “Searching” – although this video clearly is tamer than the main attraction, but still with Rialson goodness.

More later!


~ by screen13 on January 28, 2013.

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