Blood Freak and Psyched by the 4D Witch One-Sheets (from Something Weird Video gallery), a 4D Witch video and some information about Clamil Productions

vlcsnap-2012-12-31-15h23m36s226Psyched by the 4D Witch One-Sheet (from Something Weird Video gallery), plus some information about Clamil Pictures

Consider this a warm up for what is to happen…but with more visuals later on.

Clamil may have been a very small time operation, but it did get quite a few interesting Exploitation films through it’s short time in operation, some of them out-there hand-me-downs from other companies that went out of business. It was the Mid 70’s when it was running, a time when many second and third run Distribution centers were picking up plenty of Horror and Sleaze to fill up the Drive Ins and Grindhouses which sometimes wound up on those Public Domain videos and discs before someone found a print or negative to present a good DVD with. For those who like to dig out some Eploitation film history that could serve as interesting trivia talk, Clamil is best known (well, for Something Weird fanatics like me) for their pick ups of Psyched by the 4D Witch and Blood Freak. In Jan. 1976, it was reported by Boxoffice in it’s weekly MPAA rundowns that Blood Freak was given an R after years of being an X film (The Preacherman Corporation submitted it to them in ’72), and has been reported in a Dec. 13, 76 issue of Boxoffice that it was unleashed in November of that year. I think the company was ran by Ed Clamil, and it was based in Hollywood for a short while.

The ultra low budget Psyched By the 4D Witch has been a favorite of bad Sexploitation movie watchers for the sure insanity of it all. Still, even though a lot of people know Emerson was the company who first Distributed this film (keep in mind that it was the same company who unleashed MANOS to a few screens in 1966…), this was later Distributed through Clamil, who’s name you can see on a couple of one-sheets in Something Weird’s galleries. Emerson released it around Late 1972 (an Oct. 12, 72 issue of Boxoffice mentioned it’s R rating), and would play a few theaters to audiences who were dropping their jaws at the ultra low budget film Directed by Victor Luminera. From what I gather, the company went out of business by around 1978, but some of it’s films no longer in it’s library.


It’s history of pick ups started in 1974, with some very little known titles in it’s starting line up, but I will actually start off with a couple of 1975 finds. I can imagine Clamil working with Shermart (The company that brought you The Beast and the Beauties, a film Co-Distributed through Ellman) for a film called Angelica the Young Vixen as I saw the title connected with the company in a listing for Feb. 1975 release. Directed by Oliver Drake, the one who had a long line of Westerns to his name until hitting the Sexploitation ring in 1969 with Ride a Wild Stud, Angelica is still lost, and it’s of interest for the appearance of Dixie Donovan.

Another Feb. 1975 mention is for Bobby Davis’ Dingle Dangle, a film reported by some to have been from 1966, but a closer look says that it’s from ’75. The Softcore flick may have had the attitude of something from the past but with a little extra something. THis is Screen 13 interest for the appearance of Bunny Brody from the legendary Behind the Green Door.

On a PG rated note, a a Feb. ’75 release was for The First Notch, Directed by Blood Freak’s Master of Musical Disaster Gil Ward. This may lead as to why Brad Gritner’s mess-terpiece was picked up and re-rated in the next year. Ward’s film was rated in ’74.

Beyond Psyched and Blood Freak, Clamil’s 1976 saw the release of the ill fated children’s film the Legend of the Juggler originally released by Lou Tillman Productions which has a few fans.

There was also a King of the Jungle in the 1976 booking guide dated for Feb. of that year, and while there’s the Brad Harris starred Zambo King of the Jungle, my guess is that it was the Steve Hawkes starring Zan of the Jungle flick, continuing with the Blood Freak Bloodline that surrounds a few of Clamil’s pickups.

Back to Sexploitation, Clamil was I think connected with John Hilbard’s (John Hilbert Larsen’s) Bedroom Mazurka under it’s Bedroom Magic title, dated Nov. 1976. Originally presented by Sherpix, who went out of business I think back in ’74, this was a better fit for the company who was already dealing in hand-me-down Sexploitica. While reports and reviews have been mixed, it’s still of interest to check out for those who like Late 60’s/Early 70’s flicks.

.357 Magnum, dated with a Jan. 1977 release according to my research (The Vault!) was Nick Millard’s Action film that was better known with his own I.R.M.I Films Corporation than it’s connection with Clamil. The one behind the “Crazy Fat Ethyl” film Criminally Insane (A very low budget flick that has a small following) was best at Adult films, a staple of the I.R.M.I. starting in the Mid-60’s, but tried to open things a little with other genres, and it would be interesting to see it at least once.

Still, out of that short list of films, it’s two pickups best known through the Something Weird Video DVD releases will be forever be seen as the highlights of Cliamil’s short life span, but they’re great ones!


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