Joe Bob Briggs-Presented She Devils on Wheels Video Found for One Dollar!!! A Hint to Start All Over Again?


A few days back, I was going through what was known as a “Garage Sale” at a place that used to be an Antique store and came across this great find for a Dollar. This could have been only worth that dollar for the fact that one of the wheels was stuck, but by some luck I got the tape to move, and the condition pretty good if I may say so. WAY back in the days of VHS, and a little before Something Weird Video turned into the huge company of cult video that it rightfully is today, there were a number of people releasing videos for the ever hungry tape market including Shock Films, who unleashed a series of tapes hosted by Joe Bob Briggs. A few years later, Shock Films would be working with Something Weird Video with their presentations. In my area, they were not so easy to find, but I finally got one. Sadly, it was not one of the Doris Wishman flicks, but at least it’s one by the Godfather of Gore himself, HG Lewis!

She Devils on Wheels was one of my all time favorite rentals, but the tape I rented was (I think the company was called) World Vision, one of the few companies that presented the tapes in a big clamshell like the infamous Regal Video or the early MPI. A sign of great things was always with those tapes, especially to Exploitation watchers like me who were looking through the stores possibly to the point of making the clerks think if I was someone who was from an insane asylum. The Joe Bob Briggs tape was published in 1990.

You could say that after a Summer of creating music and reading, it’s about time to really get back to this blog. It’s not every day that a major hint like this, plus finding the All Day Entertainment/Image DVD of Tales of Frankenstein at the same place, that things like this happen to those who actually know what they’re getting.


~ by screen13 on October 27, 2012.

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